morix card

MoriX Card

Smartcard with fingerprint authentication: AOC™ Working model

MoriX has developed a ultra-thin fingerprint sensor and an asymmetric fingerprint authentication algorithm for a biometric smartcard. We proudly announce A_CardⅢ, the world-first working model of a smartcard with fingerprint authentication on card (AOC). The verification time takes less than 1 sec and the card is only 0.76mm thick. A smartcard complied with ISO7810 and 7816 with biometric fingerprint authentication is now available in the market.


Sensors Unit

Fingerprint Image Sensor COF Package

The FPSF 105 AU fingerprint image sensor unit is based on capacitive sensing technology with enhanced ESD strength. Built-in analog circuitry and digital circuitry minimize the number of external components and can be connected to a microprocessor with a standard SPI interface. It maintains high mechanical strength and achieves a thickness of 0.45 mm suitable for mounting on IC cards.

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