Ultra-thin fingerprint sensor

MoriX Card

Smartcard with fingerprint authentication: AOC™ Working model

MoriX has developed a ultra-thin fingerprint sensor and an asymmetric fingerprint authentication algorithm for a biometric smartcard. We proudly announce A_CardⅢ, the world-first working model of a smartcard with fingerprint authentication on card (AOC). The verification time takes less than 1 sec and the card is only 0.76mm thick. A smartcard complied with ISO7810 and 7816 with biometric fingerprint authentication is now available in the market.

MoriX Card is…

  1. 1.MoriX Card does not need to record the fingerprint image.
  2. 2.MoriX Card will be activated only after successful fingerprint authentication.

MoriX Carda.【Fingerprint sensor FPTS】
Newly developed ultra-thin,low power consumption forcard applications.
* Optional liveness detectionis available.

b.【LED Indicator】
User interface for guiding fingerprint matching procedure and displaying results.

Battery may be included per customization.
*Batterylifetime is 5 years fordisplayingOTP10 times/day.

d.【Processing MPU】
Propriety fingerprint authentication algorithm takes less than 1 sec to complete authentication.

e.【General purpose MPU】
Available for general customization such as OTP display.


“MoriX Card NFC”

Smartcard with fingerprint authentication: AOC™ Prototype model
【Smart card with Near Field Communication】

Advancing Morix Card, Morix has also developed a smart card “Morix Card NFC” that implements a contact and contactless smart card with the built-in NFC function for contactless communication.
With a built-in thin battery, we complete commercialization of “Morix Card NFC”.

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