Sensors Unit


The FPSF 105 AU fingerprint image sensor unit is based on capacitive sensing technology with enhanced ESD strength. Built-in analog circuitry and digital circuitry minimize the number of external components and can be connected to a microprocessor with a standard SPI interface. It maintains high mechanical strength and achieves a thickness of 0.45 mm suitable for mounting on IC cards.

FPSF105AU is …

FPSF105AUFPSF 105 AU realizes the fingerprint reading time of 0.03 seconds by fully utilizing the high-speed access function by supporting SPI as an interface with the outside which is easy to incorporate the device. Current consumption at fingerprint reading is also low current of 7 mA or less.

It fetches the fingerprint image in a pixel array and sends data to the serial interface via the built-in A / D converter and digital processor. The image quality of FPSF 105 AU can be adjusted internally by setting the gain, offset and reference voltage parameters.

In addition, you can set the operation of internal processing and the interface speed so as to satisfy various finger conditions.

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