MoriX sensor adopted in Toshiba's BISCADE™ dongle
Started sales activities of products equipped with "MoriX fingerprint authentication sensor"


《Press Release》

Nov. 10, 2021
MoriX Corporation

MoriX sensor adopted in Toshiba's BISCADE™ dongle
Started sales activities of products equipped with "MoriX fingerprint authentication sensor"

The fingerprint sensor and authentication algorithm of MoriX Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Morihiko Kubota; hereinafter "MoriX") have been adopted for the fingerprint authentication USB dongle "BISCADE™ Dongle*¹" of Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation (Head office: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; CEO: Takayuki Konno) .

*¹ BISCADE™ is a trademark of Toshiba Infrastructure Systems Corporation.

Toshiba Infrastructure Systems BISCADE™ Dongle

Toshiba Infrastructure Systems Press Release (Nov. 10, 2021)

MoriX's fingerprint authentication technology

 MoriX sensor is a fingerprint authentication device with its features of "thinness," "low power consumption," and "completely independent authentication.

MoriX has released the "MoriX Card," an IC card equipped with MoriX sensors, which is expected to be used in a variety of applications.

 ■Uses of MoriX Card

1) Access control → As an employee ID card for PC and tablet login and room access control
2) Payment → As a credit or bank card, etc.
3) Official identification → As a passport or My Number Card
4) Membership card → As an annual passport, membership card, etc.
5) Crypto asset management → As a management tool for remittance and storage of crypto assets

By placing the finger on the fingerprint sensor on the IC card, the identity of the user is strictly confirmed, while the fingerprint information cannot be tampered with after it is registered. Since fingerprint data is encrypted and recorded in the card, there is no exchange of fingerprint information on the server. Existing IC card readers can also be used by updating the software for authentication, making it possible to introduce a highly secure authentication system while reducing investment costs.

In addition to financial cards such as credit cards, fingerprint authentication solutions are available for a wide range of purposes such as access control to offices and facilities, personal authentication for PCs and other digital devices, membership cards and IC tickets for music and entertainment events. In October 2020, we were certified as a next-generation credit card with fingerprint authentication by Master Card, a major US credit card company, and we started selling products in Japan in 2021. MoriX aims to sell millions of cards in Japan and overseas, including payment cards, by the end of 2022.

Company Profile
Company name: MoriX Co., Ltd.
Location: 9F X-PRESS Yurakucho, 2-2-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: August 2005
Representative: Morihiko Kubota, CEO
Business activities: Development, manufacture and sales of biometric authentication systems, IC card related devices, semiconductor products, and various businesses associated with the above

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9F, X-PRESS Yurakucho, 2-2-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006, Japan

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