Ultra-thin fingerprint sensor

MoriX Credit Card

MoriX Credit Card(MoriX/FPACard_M-SPM60 1.0)

Credit card with fingerprint authentication function

This card has a fingerprint authentication function, so it is a safe credit card even if it is dropped or lost. With fingerprint authentication, it is possible to operate according to security, such as ultra-high payment. Since the conventional payment terminal with non-contact function can be used as it is, it can be operated with the existing infrastructure.

morix card

MoriX Card

IC card with fingerprint authentication function

A fingerprint sensor is built into the credit card size, and it is equipped with a proprietary fingerprint authentication algorithm. It is a highly secure product because it is fingerprint-authenticated inside the card and biometric information does not go out. There is no need for a server to manage biometric information, and there is no risk of personal information leakage. There are two types of our cards, NFC and contact type.

MoriX Wallet Card

MoriX Wallet Card

Implements better security through fingerprint authentication

The risk management for cryptoassets, such as managing passwords and preventing data breach, is very important, but it is troublesome to change one’s password regularly and implement a two-step verification. It becomes even more stressful when it has to be done with multiple devices. The MoriX Wallet Card manages authentication with the user’s fingerprints, so they can access their cryptoassets easily and protect them securely.


Sensors Unit

Fingerprint Image Sensor COF Package

The FPSF 105 AU fingerprint image sensor unit is based on capacitive sensing technology with enhanced ESD strength. Built-in analog circuitry and digital circuitry minimize the number of external components and can be connected to a microprocessor with a standard SPI interface. It maintains high mechanical strength and achieves a thickness of 0.45 mm suitable for mounting on IC cards.


The Era of Self-Protection of Personal Information

Financial Market

Financial card

・Bank card
・Credit card

Social Security Card

Social security card

・Citizen card

Passport Management


・Automated gates

Driver's License

License card

Information Management at Medical Institutions

Healthcare ID card



・Start key

Entry and Exit Monitoring

Security gate card

・Employee ID card
・Room key card


Members card

・Fan club

Net security card

Net security card

・Network access
・Contents access

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